5 Daily Self Care Practices To Start The New Year With


1. Say Yes To Trying New Things

While trying healthy recipes this month may already be on your list, remember to say yes to new experiences and opportunities as well. Part of each new year is the continued opportunity for expansion and growth. Remember to stay open and aware of these moments.

Sometimes the most unexpected moments and experiences of life end up being some of the best ones.


2. Create A Morning & Night Routine

These routines exist for a reason. Spending a few minutes each evening on hygiene practices, choosing clothes for the next day, and keeping technology out of the bedroom are a few practices to implement into your nightly routine.

These allow you to relax and rest, while giving you a head start on the following morning.

During morning routine, remember to set your intentions for the day and spend some time in stillness. This is also a great time for prayer.


3. Write Daily Gratitude Recaps

Take time each evening during your nightly routine to spend time writing a recap of the day's moments, blessings, or people you are thankful for.

Even on the worst of days there is always a glimmer of light.


Gratitude tools you may look into: 


4. Aim For Less Screen Time

Put your phone down. Begin to focus on participating and being present in your life. Screen time is currently being researched in relation to depression, and seems to have a direct impact.

Schedule coffee with a friend, pull out a card game, or spend some time meditating.

Spend time focusing on the simplicity of life, and on reconnecting to community.


5. Begin The Practice Of Journaling

This can be as free form of an experience as you may like. The goal is simply to put a few thoughts onto paper each day.

These journalings can be something you want to remember in the future, something you need to get off your mind, something you need to process in writing.. The goal is simply to release.

You may even choose to utilize journal prompts each day, or follow a monthly journaling calendar you find online. Make this practice your own, and utilize this tool in the way that serves you best.


Journals to explore:






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